Chocolate Chip

Thin, crisp… a classic. $1.65

Oatmeal Raisin

Chewy and just the right amount of sweet. $1.65

*Chocolate Espresso

A customer favorite, loaded with chocolate, pecans and walnuts. $2.00


Buttery and crispy. $1.65

*Peanut Butter

Buttery, sweet and crunchy. $1.65

Ginger Spice

Spicy and chewy. $1.65

*Pecan Snowball

Pecan shortbread rolled in powdered sugar. $1.65

**Chocolate Chip Macaroon

Chewy coconut filled with chocolate chips. $.90


Buttery and flaky. Available in seasonal flavors $1.65 – $2.25

* Indicates nuts
** Gluten free